Children/Youth Ministry


We are so excited about our Children's/Youth Ministry programs.  They presently meet on Sunday nights at 5pm.  At Mt. Calvary Baptist Church we value and love each child as one of God’s special creations. We believe that the early years of life are critical for their spiritual development and would love for your child/grandchild/niece/nephew to join us.   Below is some information about our programs and the links to the website for each of the programs if you need additional information. 


The Sunbeam program is a Bible-study club for children ages 3 through grade 3. This program, founded by the Women’s Missionary Auxiliary, is dedicated to studying God’s Word, the history and work of the church, and the missionary efforts of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. The Sunbeam program is a training program designed to help the children develop a firm foundations of the Christian principles and doctrines found in the Bible upon which the Baptist Missionary Association of America is founded. The goal of the program is to train the child to live in his/her world—home, community and church—and to challenge the child to know more of God and how to live for Him.  Sunbeam Missionary Auxilary

Girl’s Missionary Auxiliary is a discipleship program for girls in 4th grade through high school. GMA was started and is supported by BMA (Baptist Missionary Association) churches throughout the US and in several foreign countries. Besides Bible study requirements, students perform service projects and learn about mission works supported by BMA churches. GMA helps girls… learn God’s plan of salvation • learn and participate in mission work • learn how to work in groups • gain valuable friendships that last a lifetime • grow up feeling good about themselves and others through the training they receive  Girls Missionary Auxilary

Our Galileans program for young men ages 4th grade through 12th grade It is designed to help young men live for Christ. Each young man is taught the plan of salvation and how to be a disciple and how to disciple to others. The Galilean Ministry is divided into six levels of study, called steps. Each step contains the basic elements of personal service, mission studies, Christian witnessing, Bible study, and church involvement. The young man will spend time in memorization and of study of the Bible. He will spend time in service to his church, read and study concerning missionary work, and preform personal service projects for his church. By the time a boy has completed the steps he will have memorized 263 verses of Scripture, be able to lead another to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, completed outlines on the Life of Christ and the Life of Paul, both based on personal study and research. Galileans